Founder-President’s Desk

Dr. Dipika Suryawanshi

Founder-President Saraswati Academy

Phd in Physics

Dr. Dipika Suryawanshi (PhD in Physics) of Shivaji University, Kolhapur, establish Saraswati Academy in the form of coaching sessions in February 2014. Over the course of a decade, both have worked hard to assist a significant number of students by helping them to achieve academic achievement. In order for the students to see possibilities, organise resources, and create novel solutions to today's challenges, our highly qualified and experienced team encourages the students to build an entrepreneurial spirit in their personality. We believe the management, parents, students, and the gifted faculty work as a team and support one another's efforts.
At the Saraswati Academy, the foundation of a comprehensive, creative programme that is possibly the best in the country is superb instruction.